Wireless Router Buying Guide

A wireless router or more commonly known as WiFi router is an electronic device that is used to connect your home or office computers, tablets or smartphones to internet. Wireless routers are getting popular as people no longer prefer wired connection which causes lots of mess. Wireless routers are convenient and gives the user a freedom to access internet from any part of their house.

How To Choose Best Wireless Router

There are so many models and brands of wireless routers in India, choosing the best wireless router in India may not be an easy task. Also the term Best WiFi router is relative to the individual needs. There are factors which you need to keep in consideration when purchasing the right router for your need. In most cases, the expensive the router, more durable it is. But if your budget is limited, you need to first consider the basic requirements that has to be present in the router you are going to purchase. Here are some considerations :

Router Range:
The range of a WiFi router is defined by the measurement of how far your router can emit the radio signal. These measurement is usually measured in feet or meters. The readings given in the manual is for ideal condition, so you should expect the actual reading to your environment to be less. The router’s range can be affected by many things like the wall or window of your house, to interference from other electronic device present in your or neighbors house. Typically good WiFi routers are capable of broadcasting your signal to a range of around 150 feet.
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Headphones in India – Buying The Best In Ear Headphones

In today’s world of smartphones and iPhone, headphones have become not just a luxury but an essential item to have. As more and more people now use smartphone, tablet or laptop to watch videos and listen songs, headphones that are light in weight and portable have become increasingly popular. Headphones allows a person to enjoy listening song at late night without disturbing other person who might be present in the room. Headphones comes in different size and models from cheap earbuds to high quality noise cancelling headphones that takes listening music to next level.

But since there are so many brands and models available, choosing a quality headphone in India is not an easy task. A lot of research need to be done before purchasing the right headphone that suits to your need. Unlike the speakers which are used in desktop or audio systems, headphones gives you an all together different experience. Though there are not much difference in terms of features, the major difference between models are type, comfort, and sound quality. Most people prefer best in ear headphones as they are comparatively small and light in weight.
headphones in India

Top Headphones in India

Plantronics Voyager Legend
Voyager Legend is bulkier less fashionable mono Bluetooth headset evolved from the Plantronics Voyager series. Though it is bigger it is easy to fit and provide excellent call quality. Like the predecessor models it is made of plastic. The oversized hardware volume rocker and power switch on the Voyager Legend are features that stand it apart from the previous models.
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Hair Removal For Women Using Epilator

Very few things in life are more embarrassing for a woman than the presence of facial hair, as it is not a feminine quality to have. While it might seem a little bit vain, the truth of the matter is that women are treated differently based on how they look and having facial hair can lead to some negative treatment. Luckily, there are many facial hair removal for women techniques available that can get rid of this hair very quickly.

Prevent Embarrassing Facial Hair Moments

The first thing that you have to realize is that no matter what you do for a living, you might want to think about getting a facial hair removal for women. If you work in an office setting, you will be face-to-face with people all day long and someone is sure to notice if you have unsightly facial hair. Unfortunately, many who work in the business world do not have the time that they would like to spend on personal grooming, which makes finding a quick and easy solution extremely important. There are a few different facial hair removal for women methods that you can look into, so make sure that you select the style that works the best for you. Many women now use epilators for removing the body hairs and they are quit effective. Check out some best epilators for women in India here.

Decision: Temporary or Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women

philips epilator in IndiaThe two basic types of facial hair removal for women are temporary and permanent. You will make your decision based on your personal budget and time constraints. As a general rule, temporary hair removal is faster and less expensive, although this time and cost does add up over the years. You will basically have to decide if you want to pay for permanent removal up front or are willing to continuously pay for temporary removal.

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Tips To Keep Your Beard Tidy Using Beard Trimmer

Like the hair on the head, different man”s beard grows in a different style and length. That”s why some men have a long neat looking beard, while others have a curly beard. If you are among those how have beard with curly hair or your beard tends to grow out more then down; then nothing to worry about you just need to take a little extra care and remember just like hair on the head, beard can also be straightened using any traditional hair straightening technique. Beard can be styled and groomed with many of the same products and procedures as are used on other hair. You can also use beard trimmers to trim your facial hair and keep all unruly hair in check. Philips QT4005 beard trimmer is my favorite, you can read the review here. Also keep in mind, beard trimmers are not same as electric shavers, If you are looking for best electric shaver in India check this website http://www.bestelectricshaver.in

Here are some tips to control your wavy beard and achieve a better look
beard grooming using beard trimmer

  • Comb your beard when wet. It’s important to only wash your beard gently, but it’s a good idea to comb through a wavy beard while wet. This works just like a straightening iron to help press the hair down and keep it in line.With practice, you’ll find that combing in the direction of the waviness can actually help iron it away.
  • Wash your beard thoroughly and use shampoo and conditioner to your beard as this will removed dirt and other debris from the beard. Pat it with a towel to remove moisture.
  • Comb your beard when it is still wet. This is important and works same like a straightening iron to help press the hair down and keep it in line.
  • Apply some straightening serum on your beard hairs. This helps to smooth your facial hair and also make it strong and healthy.
  • Dry your beard a hair dryer while you comb through it. Run a comb through your beard from the roots to the tips.
  • You may also trying changing the length your beard, cutting your beard short enough could eliminate waviness or curl, but allowing it to grow out can help too. The weight of hair can help pull itself straight, and longer hair is easier to comb in a way that reduces the appearance of curling.

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Finding Right Homes in India

Since there are millions of homes and apartments in India, choosing the right one for you is like finding a needle in the haystack. The prospect gets easier if you’re moving within the same city or town, but even then, you could be faced with hundreds of options. Before the age of the Internet, touring open houses was the primary method of seeing available properties on the market. Real estate websites have changed that forever. This is good and bad. On the one hand, the Internet is empowering by allowing us to direct our own searches. On the other hand, it floods us with unfiltered options to wade through on the path to finding a new place to live. So where do you begin, and how can you channel these resources to work for you? By breaking the complex, overwhelming task of finding a home into small manageable tasks, you will be empowered to make the best decision possible.

Kalyan 1 BHK FlatsFirst thing you should be clear, whether you have enough budget to buy a flat or apartment. Since property rates in cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore are sky high. If you are finding your budget short, you should consider buying homes in suburbs. For example flats in Kalyan are much cheaper compare to Mumbai. A 1 bhk flat in Kalyan East can be bought in the range of 20 – 25 lacs. Kalyan is also an emerging industrial hub and the junction of major outing going railways. Investing in Kalyan will likely give you much higher return, compare to other cities. If your budget is even lower, than you should consider for renting a home. A 1 or 2 bhk flats in Kalyan for rent can cost you about Rs 8000 – Rs 12000. While the same area flat with same amenities in Mumbai would cost you around Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000.

Where, What, and How Much?

Every move starts with three basic questions: Where do you want to live? What do you want to live in? How much can you pay? When you begin your search online through real estate websites like www.flatsinKalyan, you typically start by plugging some version of the following details into their search engine:
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Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery in India

Obesity is common today. Our “thrifty gene” has caught up with a modern lifestyle which is sedentary and filled with abundant, overly processed food. Obesity-related illnesses are killing some 300,000 Americans each year. Obesity is not a matter of willpower. It is not a moral issue. It is a medical problem. As one bariatric physician recently stated, “Obese people are not just thin people who overeat.” Medications are not magic. If used properly, however, they can help patients control the amount of food they eat, and in chronic situations may be needed on a long-term basis. The key is behavior modification. Most of our patients reach a reasonable goal weight within six months to a year.

surgeon performing laparoscopic surgeryUsing laparoscopic surgery patients can lose weight and keep it off. This type of surgery is very popular in many countries including India and African countries. In laparoscopic surgery small incisions are made through which instruments and a laparoscope are inserted. Laparoscope has a video camera on its tip which broadcast internal images of patient on to the screen. A surgeon operates by seeing images on the screen, the monitor becomes the eye of the surgeon. Since small holes are made in laparoscopic surgery, patients recover faster compare to traditional surgeries. Also most patients do not require to stay in hospital for more than 2 days, make it popular among patients. Laparoscopic surgery cost in cities like Mumbai are less costly than open surgeries. In addition many laparoscopic clinics provide choices in assisting patients to find the most experienced surgeons with the lowest complication rate for obesity surgery.
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Mosquito Problem In African Countries

One of the major problem in African counties apart from poverty is Mosquitoes. Every year thousands of people which include majority of children dies due to Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases. Mosquitoes play havoc in many countries of Africa such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Uganda. It’s been said Alexander the Great who conquered half the world was killed by the bite of mosquito bearing malaria parasites. These mosquitoes still remain influential to this day, causing thousands of fatalities and many more thousands fall sick. It has also became the reason for economic slow down of African nations and halting industrial operations and growth. Unlike many developed countries, the poor people cannot afford repellents like Repel 100 which is the best mosquito repellent in United States. They are also less awareness among people as to how to control mosquito population and protect from mosquito borne diseases.

Mosquitoes are said to be major animal that causes the transmission of the most vector borne diseases. Anopheles which is mosquito of particular species are responsible for transmitting malaria from one person to another. There are other species of mosquitoes which spread dengue, west nile virus, yellow fever and many more dreadful diseases. These mosquitoes have different biting habit, some bite at night while others bite during day time. They also have different habitats for example some species breeds in a deep dirty water, others in a shallow clean water. Some mosquito species need bright sunlight, while others breed only under deep shade of forest. The specific habitats and their living condition provide the keys in controlling their population and preventing them from spreading diseases.

Malaria is one of the most dreadful disease in Africa. Its been said that millions people get affected by Malaria and about 1 million dies every year due to this. Malaria exist in almost all tropical as well as subtropical region across the world. Malaria is said to be present in more than hundred countries. There are 4 species of parasites that affect humans, but 2 of them Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum account for majority of the cases. Plasmodium falciparum is the most dangerous causing majority of the fatality. Plasmodium falciparum malaria poses the major threat in Africa, as it kills human very quickly and can reinfect even those who develop semi-protective immunity. The majority of death due to malaria occurs in children under the age of 2 year old.
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Importance Of Money in any Economics

Money is 1/2 of every transaction. Yet we never discuss how money is supposed to function. The topic of the management of money is taboo. The world has put its trust in the Federal Reserve to manage all monetary activities, and it is believed that only an elite special few people have the ability to understand how to manage the world’s money properly. Since the US dollar is considered the world currency, the value of that money affects everyone around the globe. What actually is money? Where does it come from? It is taken for granted that US monetary policy is based on sound economic principles. No one questions the actions of the Federal Reserve.

In order for a Lean economic system to function properly monetary policy is very important to insure wealth is being created and properly used to facilitate trade. Money is 1/2 of every transaction and we are all taught at a very young age that money does not grow on trees. Which is in actuality a warning of the dangers of inflation. Unfortunately the Lean community has completely ignored the important function money management that can either enhance of inhibit economic growth. In reality the concept of money is rarely discussed and even less understood.
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Prefab And Porta Cabins In Todays Market

Prefabrication and modularization is not a new construction process, it has been in used since first world war. But in recent years it has gained popularity owing to improved quality and considerable reduction of construct ion time. Prefabrication originally was never a single design process, but it is series of multiple methods of framing and cladding the standard set of components from an already developed prototype. This prototype is often built with light steel product and incorporated to form a prefab bathroom and kitchen unit.

In prefabrication the building or houses are not built directly on the site location, rather they are first manufactured in a factory as series of large units or components. This units are then assembled at the actual site location to form the complete building. In prefabrication, the form of the residential or commercial building represent a type of modern working class housing. The rise of prefabrication was mostly in batches. In the year 1945 till 1949, the prefabs were mostly used on vacant land, parks, derelict sites in the urban areas in an attempt to provide accommodation to thousands of families affected by world war.

In the current market, popularity of prefabrication is mainly because the price of land has gone very high. Most builders and developers are finding ways to construct home at low cost and at less time. This has also led to increase in demands of portable cabin. The portable cabin also known as porta cabin provides temporary location and can be easily transferred to different location whenever required. The portable cabins are very versatile and are used for variety of purposes. They are mainly used in construction industries to provide site office cabin for the staffs, but they are also used as portable toilet, security cabin, bunk houses, changing room, shops and office cabin. Most manufacturers of portable cabin provide many amenities and features like air conditioning system, plenty of electrical connection, furniture and chairs for office etc in their cabins. Porta cabins are also strong and durable as they are build with steel frame. Materials used for the interiors are of light weight so that the cabins remain light weight for easy transportation.
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What is Free Market and Its Principle

What exactly is a free market? Most people have been led to believe that the United States operates under a free market system. However this is not the truth. The truth is that today there is government intervention in every economy. There is no example of a true free market economy in today’s world. Every economy is somewhere in between. However what is important is in which direction is the government moving. Less control over economic activities or more control. The more the government has control over economic activities the less lean it becomes. The less wealth it creates.

The United States has slowly moved away from free market economy over the last century. The problems did not occur overnight, and cannot be blamed on one president or political party, but more a slow transition over time with more regulations and government control over economic and personal activities. The US government has turned its back on the idea that the individual consumer decides what is best and today only listens and protects powerful special interest groups. Due to this the wealth has been drained from the country and today The United States is bankrupt. In order to reverse this trend The United States must once again believe in the power of the individual to have more freedom in economic activities. The government must get out of the way and let the market work. The government must unleash the creative mind of the individual to invent new technologies that will lead us into the future and create true wealth for all people who are willing to work and be productive members of society. The government must become lean. We must understand what an actual free market economy is.

Jim Womack touched on this issue in his book “Reflections on Lean: How has lean changed your life?” Jim states, “In 1979, as a PhD student in political science and public policy at MIT, I was studying how governments and companies work together to create winners in world competition. My course work was not concerned with the secret of value creation – how people, methods, and technologies can be combined to do more with less. Rather it focused on how companies lobbied governments to change the rules of the game – trade barriers, currency values, R&D subsidies, etc.
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